Food safety and complete traceability is considered vital for every stage of production, from the eggs to each one of the final products sold.
The term traceability refers to the completeness of the information about every step in the process chain.

Due to the establishment and application of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2000), DIAS S.A. developed a traceability system meeting the legal requirements. By means of a combination of printed and electronic files, it is possible to ensure full traceability on various levels: raw materials, internal transport of intermediate products, procedures followed and final product sales.

By using the above mentioned information, we can have a complete picture of the products, being led back to the farming unit where they come from, the fish foods consumed, the potential types of medical treatment applied, or even further back to the Hatchery Unit that produced the particular juvenile or the brood stock tank where they come from.

Dias group can trace the finished product once it has been sent, identifying the receivers of specific lots. By this system we are able to trace back from the finished product to the raw material used its supplier (fish farming unit).

This traceability system is been tested regularly by mock recalls, by the QA department.

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